Full Employment for GPUs

Become a Datacenter Partner

NumGenius Aiverifies and highlights hosting partners who maintain server grade equipment in a professionally managed datacenter environment. Our customers love the security and typically pay a premium for the peace of mind. Don't let idle time be a cost burden; let it be a new revenue stream. Maximize the return on your hardware investments and reduce the payback period of your GPUs. To apply for datacenter status, send an email to with the location, name of your business and hardware specifications.

Flexible Pricing

We understand that every host is different, and pretending otherwise is inefficient. Have a monthly bandwidth cap? You can charge for metered bandwidth. Have cheap fiber internet? Then perhaps you want to offer simpler pricing plans with unlimited bandwidth. We offer enough customization over combinations of GPU, CPU, storage and bandwidth billing to suit your needs. As a Host, you can use recommend defaults or define your own pricing structure. We provide the tools you need to become your own cloud provider.

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