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Account Settings

On this page you can view and edit important information about account.

Change Password #

You can change your password here by supplying your current password, as well as your new password. You are not restricted here as much as you are when you initially create an account.

Change Email #

You can view the current email connected to your account as well as change your email at any time by pressing the 'Set Email' button.

When you change your email using this feature you will not be required to re-verify your email address. All emails that would normally be sent to the old e-mail will be now be directed towards your new email.

Change SSH Key #

Copy and paste your ssh key into the box in order for it to be attached to your account. You can use this ssh key to log into instances remotely.

This SSH Key will be the one primarily used whenever you access an instance. This means you must switch out your SSH Key on this page if you wish to connect easily via multiple machines with SSH.

Change API Key #

This is where you can find your API Key. You will need this to access both the Command Line Interface as well as the REST API.

If you want a different API Key you can reset your API Key here. You can also copy your API Key this section as well.

Referral Link #

By giving out this referral link anyone who creates an account on it will be credited to you as a referral if they utilize Vast Services. You can earn credits, and receive payouts for your referrals.

Connect With Cloud Providers #

In this section you can integrate with cloud providers such as Amazon S3, Backblaze, and Dropbox.

This integration process is very straightforward. If you need assistance in setting up these integrations you can read our guides here.

One of the benefits of these integrations is it allows you to sync data even while instances are inactive.

You can access this feature via the 'Cloud Copy' button on the Instances page.

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